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Written for the bsg_remix 2014, and posting for posterity.

Title: Inhale, Exhale (The Ripples in a Lake Remix)
Characters: Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, Dr Cottle, Layne Ishay, Natalie, Caprica Six, Sharon Agathon, Hera Agathon
Pairing: Laura/Bill
Rating: T
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: A butterfly’s wings and a breath of air; musings on life lived.
Original Story: Pause, Review by obsessive_a101

On her first day of treatment ...Collapse )

Fic: Spring Thaw / Bad Day / Lessons

Reposting for posterity. I have a bunch of comments to leave for all of you other awesome people too!

All written for the bsg_epics 2014 Prompt War.

Spring ThawCollapse )

Bad DayCollapse )

LessonsCollapse )

In which Clare makes icons

Sorry about all the comments I owe today, and over the past couple of days! Been trying to get these finished, and now I'm sleepy, but replies will be coming tomorrow, I promise.

For the bsg_20in20 challenge. My theme was the Kobol arc:

Rest under hereCollapse )


In which Clare does a bit of iconing

Made these for the challenge over at majorcrimes. Help yourself if you happen to want any!

Icons Under HereCollapse )
Some more icons, just because. Caps taken from MajorCrimesTV.net again, because I don't have hi-res versions of the show myself yet :(

Help yourself.

Some Major Crimes icons from the first three season two episodes, because I was bored. All caps come from MajorCrimesTV.net.

Use 'em if you want 'em.

Fic: more Laura/Kara ficlets

My final set of ficlets for the Ship War. I wrote twenty, all in all! My gawd, apparently I can write after all, if I don't give a shit about quality.

Here for posterity, along with the others.

* * *

Overrated, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Sunrise, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Love Letter, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Changing Minds, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

No Love, No Glory, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Electricity, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Unsure, Laura/Kara, PG, (babyfic in Miranda!verse)Collapse )

Slow, Laura/Kara, MCollapse )

All The President's Men, Laura/Kara, MCollapse )

Drunk Tank, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

Osmosis, Laura/Kara, PG, (babyfic in Miranda!verse)Collapse )

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )

So much fun, guys! Just got to wait to see how we did, now! ♥

Thanks to all of you who joined in, or cheerled, or commented, or anything else :)


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