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In which Clare pimps stuff

So at the moment, I'm so totally head over heels for Laura/Kara again, and I think mermaidfangs is as well. They're so amazing.

I know everyone is busy with Yuletide and Pentathlon and gift exchanges and so on, but I thought I would pimp this out again, as it's not remotely ever going to be closed.

(click the banner to get there)

If any of you have more Laura/Kara urges, please feel free to keep playing. Drop off prompts or pick prompts up and see what you come up with, and let's see if our gorgeous Goddesses can get more awesomeness written about them or graphics or icons produced of their beauty? There were some amazing fics and ficlets and graphics produced previously. You guys are awesome.

The Masterlist of fic written for the party so far.

Fic Party Masterlist

We've actually got enough fanworks now that I figure I ought to start a masterlist. I'll link to it over at the side as well, so that you can easily find it when you want to explore.

If you post something new and I don't put it onto the masterlist within a day or so, please PM me and remind me. It'll only be because I have a memory like a goldfish.

Please keep adding more! I ♥ all of them so much.

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Fic: Threnody for Aurora

My long-griped-about Leefic is finally up, if anyone wants to go and be amazed that it took me this long to put together something that is less than two thousand words in total, heh.

Title: Threnody for Aurora
Author: astreamofstars
Rating: PG
Character(s): Lee Adama, Bill Adama, Sam Anders, Kara Thrace, mentions of others
Pairing(s): Kara/Lee
Summary: Two months in the life of a man in mourning
Prompt(s): Lee tries to deal with his grief over Kara's death in Maelstrom
Warnings: Mention of canon character death
Word Count: c. 1850 words
Beta Thanks: Thank you to both scifishipper and letterstonorah for looking over this at such a late point in the ficathon!

Laura/Kara Fic Party!

I'm posting this a day earlier than I said, as I think a lot of stuff is happening tomorrow and I wanted to get this out there :)

Ok! letterstonorah and I declare the Immortal Goddesses Fic Party open!

Here's the plan.

What we'd like are prompts. Lots of prompts. HUNDREDS of prompts. Any kind of prompts you like - single words, song lyrics, phrases, scenarios, acts, themes, tropes, emotions, entire plots, anything. Any rating is fine.

Clare’s tl;dr explanation for the whole thingCollapse )

In short

- Leave prompts
- Read prompts
- Create fanworks for prompts
- Post fanworks
- Rinse and repeat.

Any questions - ask them as a response to the first comment in the thread. Aside from that, please start prompting!

I hope you all have fun ♥

In which Clare can't stop organising stuff

Yo, peeps.

Ok, so as you all may have noticed, I've developed a bit of a Laura/Kara thing recently (yeah, no shit, Clare) and a lot of other people have read my bit of writing and read Nora's lots of awesome writing about the two of them and have commented on how they too have started shipping them, a bit or a lot.

And why wouldn't you? They're awesome.


We were thinking about having some kind of mini-ficathon, probably just here on my journal, where all of you who have decided you like them and might think about writing them in the future could have a go at ficleting for them. I'm not sure what form it would take, yet, but maybe just people throwing out prompts and other people writing short, quick ficlets for them, I don't know. No major pressure - just fun and squeefulness for the Immortal Goddesses.

At any rate, who here would be interested? There's no point if there aren't that many people likely to take part, but if there are a few, we'll see about doing something.

Let me know? Roll call, please. And also let me know if you have any ideas for the form you'd like it to take.


In which Clare is giggling so much

Ok, so the fabulous deborah_judge put together an Epics Ship War over on bsg_epics the past couple of days and it was the most fun thing ever. So. Much. Fic!

I managed to dredge out of my brain two A/R ficlets and, totally randomly and out of nowhere (and it's all down to letterstonorah who is insanely persuasive and so much fun to get all excited with) FOUR Laura/Kara ficlets. IDEK. I didn't even ship them until, like, Tuesday. The other THIRTY FIVE Laura/Kara ficlets were Norah's.

I DO however have a lot of new prompts for my other ships too now. I have Laura/Lee ideas popping out of my ears, but there was no point writing them for the challenge because I couldn't have competed, so I stuck with the ships that stood a chance.

Anyhow. Here for posterity. The first one is kinda rubbish. The Sammy A/R ficlet is a scene from a much longer Laura&Sam crack fic (but yes, it's A/R really), so that might well get finished at some point.


Things Bill Adama Knows, A/R, PGCollapse )


Frakkin' Sam, A/R, PG13Collapse )


Daphne, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )


Ghosts, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )


Enigmatic, Laura/Kara, PGCollapse )


Untitled, Laura/Kara, PG, warning for deathCollapse )




Those pictures of Mary, and of Mary and Jamie, at the TNT Upfronts are the Best Thing Ever.

*dies again*

Fic: Thirty Three

Ficlet written for an episode prompt over at laura_lee_bsg. Just because it's, like, wordz. And I feel I must celebrate wordz at the moment in the hope it will encourage new wordz to emerge, so I'm putting this here for posterity.

Title: Thirty Three
Characters: Laura, Billy, Lee (mentioned)
Rating: PG
Word count: c. 800

Minute eighteenCollapse )

In which Clare is bossy


We are having a Love Day over at Epics today.

Plenty of people already have threads on them, that you can go and add to.

Plenty of space for more threads for other people.

Go squee and make people's day. That's an order :P


In which Clare feels a bit greedy

Lots of people seem to be doing these :)

1. Post your Holiday wishlist to your LJ. Items can be fannish or not, small or extravagant. Have fun!
2. Look around your flist and grant any wishes you can to OTHERS. This includes sending actual gifts if you want!
3. Re-post your wishlist two weeks before the holiday as a reminder.

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In which Clare prepares to ramble

Stolen from scifishipper and plaid_slytherin and hobbit_kate

Comment with the name of a fictional character (or two, or however many you want), and I'll come up with three facts about my personal canon for them.

Just BSG, because although I love ASOIAF, I have no head!canon for anyone there. It's complicated enough just following canon.



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