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Laura/Kara Fic Party!

I'm posting this a day earlier than I said, as I think a lot of stuff is happening tomorrow and I wanted to get this out there :)

Ok! letterstonorah and I declare the Immortal Goddesses Fic Party open!

Here's the plan.

What we'd like are prompts. Lots of prompts. HUNDREDS of prompts. Any kind of prompts you like - single words, song lyrics, phrases, scenarios, acts, themes, tropes, emotions, entire plots, anything. Any rating is fine.

Keep each prompt to its own comment, please.

And then we all just fill prompts. Check the prompts, pick one, two, five, twenty, fifty, that you like and create fanworks focused on Laura/Kara that fit them, then post as a comment reply to the prompt. If you create something too large to fit in a comment box, or if you'd just rather do it that way anyhow, then feel free to post to your own journal and just post a link to the fanwork as a reply.

Although we’ve called this a fic party, any kind of creative response to the prompt is ok, so while we all adore fic and hope to see lots of it, we'd love to see graphics, icons, mini fanmixes, picspams, pieces of meta or anything else you want to create too.

Fics don't have to be long! Drabble size is absolutely fine if you want to just get a feel for it to begin with. If you want to write epics, though, believe me, no one will complain...

It's fine for more than one person to create something for the same prompt.

It's also fine for you to create things for your own prompts, so if you have a story you really want to write that doesn't fit anything here, leave yourself a prompt and fill it.

If you want to leave anonymous prompts and fic for whatever reason, you can do that. I think I've arranged the settings so you can.

Although shippy is preferable, we’re ok with gen too, so long as the focus is on Kara and Laura and their relationship with each other, not just a K/L or A/R story with a bit of bonus Kara&Laura conversation, if that makes sense. Other characters are also ok, so long as there is a main focus on Laura/Kara. Either canon-based or AU stories are fine.

There's no right or wrong way to write them! So don't worry if you've never written the pairing before. Most people haven't. We're all figuring it out together, but the one thing we can probably all agree on is that they are beautiful and wonderful and lovely. So ... create your own versions of them and share them with us, and that's absolutely fine.

Please make sure you put appropriate ratings and warnings on any fic you write, in the comment header. I’m not really going to mod this, except to delete anything spammy or that I think is totally inappropriate, so if you write something that is likely to be very triggery, please put it under a cut on your own journal and just link to it here.

Please try to leave feedback on the fanworks posted.

At some point, if we get a lot of participation, I’ll make a start on some kind of masterlist, but it’ll depend on whether it looks necessary.

There is no deadline and I don't plan to close this thread. I'm going to link to it at the side of my journal and I would like to ask you guys to track the post so that you will get notifications when new prompts are left and when new fic, etc, is posted, so that you can write, read and respond, otherwise, the way LJ works, this will be out of sight, out of mind after a day or two.

Nora and I are hoping this might go on indefinitely, so you can continue to leave prompts and create fanworks for as long as you like. Weeks, months, whatever. Keep coming back and checking it out whenever you feel like writing the pairing, and point other people in this direction if you think they would enjoy it. Nora and I might periodically put little reminders that this is here on our own LJs.

In short

- Leave prompts
- Read prompts
- Create fanworks for prompts
- Post fanworks
- Rinse and repeat.

Any questions - ask them as a response to the first comment in the thread. Aside from that, please start prompting!

I hope you all have fun ♥


Jun. 24th, 2012 11:22 am (UTC)
Re: Icon Prompt
Hope this is what you were after! I can make others if it's not :)

Jun. 24th, 2012 05:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Icon Prompt
That's the one! Thank you so much :-)