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Fic: Threnody for Aurora

My long-griped-about Leefic is finally up, if anyone wants to go and be amazed that it took me this long to put together something that is less than two thousand words in total, heh.

Title: Threnody for Aurora
Author: astreamofstars
Rating: PG
Character(s): Lee Adama, Bill Adama, Sam Anders, Kara Thrace, mentions of others
Pairing(s): Kara/Lee
Summary: Two months in the life of a man in mourning
Prompt(s): Lee tries to deal with his grief over Kara's death in Maelstrom
Warnings: Mention of canon character death
Word Count: c. 1850 words
Beta Thanks: Thank you to both scifishipper and letterstonorah for looking over this at such a late point in the ficathon!