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I'm always behind the times. My passionate love for Battlestar Galactica is no exception. I bought the first series January 2010 with some Christmas gift tokens, just because I had them, didn't know what I wanted, and had been told by lots of people that BSG was good. Didn't expect much from it, really. I like sci-fi, in an abstract kind of way, but I've always been more into fantasy when it comes to speculative fiction of any kind. The boxset sat there for a week or two, and then one day I was bored, and decided to put it on. Up comes '33', I get very confused and figure I must be missing something here. Kept watching, managed to figure out most of what was going on, and watched a few more episodes before deciding to go Google my confusion. "Aha, the miniseries!"

By this time, I've decided that a) the show is fascinating, even if I am confused, b) the acting is superlative, and c) I have developed an immense unholy girlcrush on Laura Roslin, Apollo and Helo are gorgeous, and Starbuck is really interesting.

I get the miniseries. I get the other seasons. I watch all of them within a few weeks. I'm officially obsessed. Despite the finale, which I can deal with so long as I overlay 'What Really Happened In Daybreak According to Me' over the top. (Mostly, Laura doesn't die, and that's my final word...).

If there's anyone out there reading this, as this is a fannish journal, feel free to friend away, if you have any such desire, and I'll almost certainly friend you back.

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